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John Walson Jr John Walson Jr.
John Walson Jr
John Walson Jr.

    As the eldest son of John Walson, founder of the first community cable TV service in Mahanoy City, PA in 1948, John E. Walson's goal was to always have the best, most technologically advanced, cable system.

    Mr. Walson was involved in the cable television industry for over 38 years. Prior to becoming President, he has spent a number of years in the field operations of the company, including ten years as a headend technician, ten years as a field technician, and six years as a chief engineer for the company's TV studio. As a result, he gained an in-depth understanding of the operations of the company and an extensive background in the technical aspects of the business.

Musikfest 2013 tribute to John Walson Jr.

    As former President of Service Electric Cable TV, Inc. and Service Electric Cable TV of Hunterdon, Inc. which serves the Lehigh Valley, Phillipsburg, and parts of Hunterdon County, Mr. Walson was responsible for the strategic direction of the company, along with project development and management.

    Mr. Walson passed away at the age of 63 in August 2012. Mr. Walson's son, John M. Walson, has taken responsibility as President of Service Electric Cable TV, Inc.