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Where can I find your terms and conditions regarding Digital Phone service and features?

    Please read our Phone Agreement to view the terms, conditions and policies regarding our Digital Phone service and features.

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When switching to Service Electric Digital Phone, can I keep my existing phone number?

Yes. When subscribing to Service Electric Digital Phone, you have the option to keep your existing number or get a completely new one.

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Is Service Electric Digital Phone compatible with alarm systems?

    Service Electric Digital Phone is designed to work with most digital security systems. We do advise that you contact your alarm company prior to your Digital Phone installation to prevent any false alarms and after the installation to test your system.

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What are Operator Assisted phone calls?

    An Operator Assisted Call is one in which the calling party places a telephone call which requires an operator to provide some form of assistance in completing the call. Operator Assisted Calls are more expensive than direct dial calls. ''Direct dial'' is a telecommunications term for a network provided service in which a call originator may, WITHOUT operator assistance, call any other user. Operator Assisted Calls may include the following telephone services:

  1. Collect: The calling party wants to place a call at the called party's expense.
  2. Third Number Calls: Calls can be billed to the party other than the calling and called party.
  3. Person-to-Person: Method of placing a telephone call in which the calling party wants to speak to a specific person and not simply to anyone who answers. The caller is not charged for the call unless the requested party can be reached.
  4. Station-to-Station: Method of placing a telephone call in which the calling party agrees to talk to whoever answers the telephone.
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What is National Directory Assistance (411)?

    Dial 411 and get ANY number ANYWHERE in America and get connected. Now you can use 411 for all your directory assistance needs. 411 is the quick and easy way to get:

  • Local listings
  • National listings
  • Canadian listings
  • 800 numbers

    Dialing 411 offers considerable savings from using 555-1212. 411 is now the only number you need to know when you need to know a number. No hassles. No hang-ups. No fussing with area codes. Just dial 411 for any number in the United States or Canada. If a customer requests a number from 411 and the number is non-published or not found, the customer will be told non-published or not found and charged for this inquiry. We will not give credit for these calls.

  • Charges
    • $0.75 for Local
    • $1.00 for National
    • Toll charges may apply to calls connected outside your service area. Even if you dialed the number directly, know your free calling area to avoid charges.
    • Local completion may not be available in all areas
    • Toll charges will apply to optional call connect at 18 cents-per-minute
    • Local call connect is unavailable to 610, 215, 484, 835 and 267
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What is Toll Restriction?

    Toll Restriction blocks all long distance calls and calls to 411 National Directory Assistance. Toll Restriction does not block toll free numbers or the use of a calling card.

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Why can't I dial 1-900 numbers?

    For your safety, we restrict access from your phone to numbers that begin with the area code 900. The 900 area code is commonly used by entertainment or Informational services that can carry considerable per-call or by-the-minute charges. However, be aware that it may be possible to dial around blocks by dialing a regular long distance phone number, 800 access numbers, or an international toll number to another country.

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Why can't I dial international numbers?

    International Call Block is added to your service for your convenience. You will not need to worry about unintended International Calls that may increase your phone bills. If you would like to use International calling you may opt to use an International Calling Card.

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