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What is Video OnDemand?

    Video OnDemand has something for everyone. It allows you to enjoy thousands of shows and movies whenever you want - many are FREE. You get instant access to some of your favorite cable shows, kids programming, music, sports, movies, and more. You can also play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward. For HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime customers, they get all the shows and original programming OnDemand instead of waiting for a specific time. For movie lovers, it is a full library of movies including New Releases, Action, Drama, Comedy, Family, and more.

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How do I access Video OnDemand?

    If you have a digital converter, simply go to channel 1 or select OnDemand or VOD on your remote control.

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How long can I view my OnDemand selections?

    All movies, shows, and other programs are available for 24 hours.

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What is the difference between OnDemand and Pay-Per-View?

    OnDemand offers the flexibility and convenience of watching thousands of movies and shows that start anytime you want - many are FREE. You also have the ability to play, pause, rewind and fast-forward OnDemand programs using your remote. Pay-Per-View requires you to wait until a scheduled time to watch a movie.

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Does it cost anything to go into Video OnDemand?

    It does not cost anything to go into OnDemand, unless you choose a movie/event, etc that has a cost associated with it. Video OnDemand includes thousands of movies and shows - many are free and access to Video OnDemand is included with any Digital Cable subscription.

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Can I stop my movie or show and go back to it later?

    Yes. If you stop your show and want to come back to it later, it will automatically be saved in the My Rentals folder on the main Video OnDemand menu. You can restart or resume your movie or show anytime within 24 hours.

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Can I record On Demand programming on a DVR?

    No, Video OnDemand programming cannot be recorded onto a DVR.

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Are new shows added often to OnDemand?

    Yes. Some networks provide new shows, weekly, so check OnDemand often to see what's new. HBO for example offers the Sunday premiere of their original series the following Monday.

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Do I get Video OnDemand with my premium service subscription from HBO, Showtime, Starz, or Cinemax?

    Yes. Video OnDemand offers you the convenience of watching your premium channel movies anytime you want at no additional charge. Many premium channels also offer hit series and other programs OnDemand if you missed the original premiere or you want to catch up on past episodes.

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Can I pause, rewind, and fast-forward OnDemand programs?

    Absolutely. Use the arrow keys on your remote to play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward.

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Will I be billed for On Demand programs that carry a fee?

    Yes. If you buy a Video OnDemand program for a fee, the purchases will be added to your monthly bill, and the program title will be listed for your reference.

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How do I know if there will be a charge for an OnDemand program?

    The program fee will appear on screen, and you will always receive an order confirmation box before the start of any program that carries a fee, asking you to confirm your purchase.

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