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What is TV Everywhere?

    Service Electric's TV Everywhere service allows you to watch TV programming online via your PC, laptop or mobile device anywhere within the United States!

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How do I sign up for TV Everywhere?

    Enroll in Watch TV Everywhere here. With a subscription to our Full Basic Lineup tier you can access most of our TV Everywhere channels! Some channels, such as HBO and Cinemax, may require additional subscriptions.

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How long does it take to activate TV Everywhere?

    Activation is immediate as soon as you enroll in Watch TV Everywhere!

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Can I add additional logins for TV Everywhere?

    You may add three additional logins per account (for a total of four logins). To add or modify your additional logins, please log in here.

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What if I'm having trouble signing into TV Everywhere?


Make sure you are subscribed to the proper tier of service. Most TVE channels only require Full Basic Lineup, however some channels may require additional tiers of service, such as HBO. Make sure you are enrolled in Watch TV Everywhere. If you recently added or modified your cable service(s), it may take up to one business day to activate those TV Everywhere channels. If you have forgotten your login, you can reset your login here or call us for assistance.Return to top

I can sign into a particular TV Everywhere service, but the service is not working correctly.

    Each service or app is built and operated by their own company. Each channel may have it's own system or browser requirements. In the event you are having trouble navigating or watching a particular channel, try updating your browser version or the app on your mobile device. Make sure you have a good Internet connection (at least 3 Mbps downstream speed). If a service or app is not working on one device, try on another an see if the same problem exists. In some cases, the service may be temporarily unavailable.

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Can I share my login?

    No, sharing a login may result in temporary or permanent suspension of all TV Everywhere services on your account.

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