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Why do I want to set up a PIN?

    Your converter box is capable of receiving programming that can incur additional charges such as certain Video OnDemand movies and Pay-Per-View. In addition some programming may be unsuitable for young children. You have the ability to create a PIN number so only people with the PIN are able to order programs that cost additional money and/or view adult programming. It is your responsibility as the account holder to set and maintain these PIN numbers. Any purchases made are the financial responsibility of the account holder.

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How do I set a PIN for Video OnDemand or Pay-Per-View authorization?
  1. Using your Service Electric remote, press Menu 2x
  2. Scroll down to Set Up and press OK
  3. Go to PINS Setup and press OK
  4. There will be two options:
    1. Lock PIN - used to block selected channels or ratings
    2. Purchase PIN - used to block unauthorized purchases
  5. Enter a 4 digit PIN number of your choice
  6. Press Enter
  7. Exit
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How do I setup Parental Controls?
  1. Using your Service Electric remote, press Menu 2x
  2. Select Parental Controls
  3. Enter PIN (previously setup as shown above)
  4. Choose the rating or channels you wish to block
  5. Press Enter
  6. Exit
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Can I disable OnDemand and Pay-Per-View completely?

    Yes, please contact us and we can disable both Pay-Per-View and OnDemand services on any or all converter boxes. Keep in mind that disabling OnDemand also disables all free OnDemand programming as well.

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