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What does this mean to you as a subscriber?

    If you received a letter informing you about an upcoming cable encryption, we are preparing to upgrade your area to total digital service. Encrypting the cable service allows us to offer more High Definition Channels and faster Internet speeds in your area.

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How do I prevent losing picture on the encryption date?

    In order for you to continue to receive your cable TV services, you will need a converter box or an external digital tuner (DTA) for each active cable line. If you have a billable connection with no equipment, one DTA will be mailed to you with no security deposit or monthly charge. You will also be mailed one DTA for every additional billable connection that does not currently have equipment. After they are received, if you do not wish to keep the equipment, you would need to return it to any of our office locations below.

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What if I need additional DTAs or would prefer a converter box instead of a DTA?

    Additional equipment and/or equipment with extra features are available to meet your needs. All of our equipment types can be viewed on our website at; click on Cable to view your options. You may also live chat with a customer service representative at or email us at; we can answer questions, and or place an order for delivery of the equipment you select. Please call our office at 610-865-9100

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When do I need to hook up the converter box or turners to my TVs?

    It is imperative that you act as soon as possible to avoid any disruption of service when your television signal is converted on the date in the letter your received. Please make sure your equipment is hooked up by the encryption date in the letter you were mailed. During the encryption, cable services will be unavailable. Service will resume on its own when the process is complete. If your DTAs or converter boxes are not hooked up prior to the encryption, a service call may be necessary to restore service.

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I haven’t received my DTAs in the mail yet, may I come to your office an pick them up instead?

    You were mailed 1 box for every billable connection on your account that currently does not have a box. If you have additional TVs in your home without billable connections, you may only pick up boxes for those connections.

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Where may I pick up additional converter boxes or digital tuners for non-billed connections?
    We have two locations for your convenience to pick up the necessary equipment for self install.

2260 Ave A, Bethlehem 18017 (open 8:30-5 M-F; 9-1 Sat)
37 Sitgreaves St, Phillipsburg 08865 (open 9-5 M-F; 9-1 Sat)

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What if I already have converter boxes or tuners on every TV?

    If you already have a converter box and/or external digital tuner on every television at your location, you do not need any additional equipment. Please make sure the equipment is hooked up by the encryption dates listed in the letter you were mailed. If your DTAs or converter boxes are not hooked up prior to the encryption, a service call may be necessary to restore service.

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My TV has a built in tuner, do I still need a separate cable box?

    Yes, you will need a digital box or tuner even if your TV has a built in tuner. The tuner in your TV cannot decrypt an encrypted cable signal.

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I did not receive a letter, is my cable being encrypted?

    If you did not receive a letter, your area is not schedule for encryption at this time.

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