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Customer Corner
We had internet/phone/cable service installed today. The technician, Tony, was exceptionally polite, courteous and prompt. He thoroughly explained our service and left his work area clean. It was a pleasure to have him working in our home. Thank you, thank you!!

  - Paul from Hanover Twp

    With over 369 available channels, there is always more you want to see. Below is a complete listing of Service Electric's channels in the Lehigh Valley service area. Jump directly to the tier you want to see by using the menu to your left.

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Note: symbol denotes a channel that carries HD content. In order to receive High Definition channels, you must have an HD Converter, DVR Converter or CableCARD for each television you wish to view these channels as well as a subscription to Full Channel Lineup and an HD ready TV. Additional premium subscriptions or pay service may be required for certain channels. Off-air Broadcast HD channels do not require a converter box, however your TV must have a built in HD tuner.

ChannelStation NameTier  

Video OnDemand Channels

1Video OnDemandVariety 

Full Channel Lineup Channels

2TV Guide Channel/TV2Local Lifeline channel
3Shop HQShopping Lifeline channel
4WQMY My Network Wilkes BarreLocal Lifeline channel
5WOLF Fox Wilkes-BarreLocal Lifeline channel
6WNEP ABC Wilkes-BarreLocal Lifeline channel
7WYLNLocal Lifeline channel
8WVIA PBS Wilkes-BarreLocal Lifeline channel
9WWOR-9 My9 New YorkLocal Lifeline channel
10Home Shopping Network (HSN)Shopping Lifeline channel
11WSWB CW Wilkes-BarreLocal Lifeline channel
12WYOU CBS Wilkes-BarreLocal Lifeline channel
13WBRE NBC Wilkes-BarreLocal Lifeline channel
14C-SpanGovernment Lifeline channel
15QVCShopping Lifeline channel
16PCNLocal Lifeline channel
17WQPX iNetwork ScrantonLocal Lifeline channel
18EWTNReligious Lifeline channel
19ClassifiedsLocal Lifeline channel
20WPIX-11 CW New YorkLocal Lifeline channel
21ME-TVVariety Lifeline channel
22Mohegan Sun at Pocono DownsLocal Lifeline channel
24Fox NewsNews/Weather  
27The Disney ChannelKids & Family  
28ESPN ClassicSports  
32Comcast SportsNet (CSN)Sports  
33Outdoor ChannelHome & Living  
34Fox Sports 1Sports  
35NBC SportsSports  
36NFL NetworkSports/Football  
37Yankees Entertainment & Sports (YES)Sports  
38The Big Ten NetworkSports/College  
39Root SportsSports  
40Lifetime Movie NetworkMovies  
41Hallmark ChannelVariety  
44FX Movie ChannelMovies  
45American Movie Classics (AMC)Movies/Classic  
46Turner Classic MoviesMovies/Classic  
49Syfy ChannelFantasy  
50TV LandKids & Family  
54NickelodeonKids & Family  
55Cartoon NetworkKids & Family  
57Comedy CentralComedy  
58E! EntertainmentVariety/Comedy  
59TV Food NetworkHome & Living  
60The History ChannelEducational  
61The Travel ChannelHome & Living  
62The Learning Channel (TLC)Educational  
63ABC FamilyKids & Family  
64HGTVHome & Living  
65The Weather ChannelNews/Weather  
66A & EVariety  
67The Game Show Network (GSN)Variety/Game Shows  
68Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)Home & Living  
69National Geographic ChannelEducational  
70The Discovery ChannelEducational  
71Great American CountryMusic/Country  
72Disney JuniorKids & Family  
74Discovery Fit & HealthHome & Living  
76Spike TVVariety  
77Animal PlanetEducational  
85Live River WatchLocal  
89CNN Headline NewsNews/Weather  
90WNEP 2Local  
91Traffic CamerasLocal  
92Local WeatherLocal  
95UnivisionVariety/Spanish Lifeline channel
96TelemundoVariety/Spanish Lifeline channel
97Educational AccessEducational Lifeline channel
102SECTV2 Time & WeatherLocal/Advertising  
109The Comcast Network (TCN)Sports  
111The Big Ten Network - Overflow GamesSports/College  
112The Big Ten Network - Overflow GamesSports/College  
118MLB NetworkSports/Baseball  
133Smile of a ChildKids & Family  
189C-Span 2Government  
194PBS CreateHome & Living  
214WVIA DTLocal  
900SECTV Latest UpdatesHelp  

Ultimate Digital Channels

110NHL NetworkSports/Hockey  
119HRTVSports/Horse Racing  
120TVGSports/Horse Racing  
121Fox Sports AtlanticSports  
122Fox Sports CentralSports  
123Fox Sports PacificSports  
126The Golf ChannelSports/Golf  
130NFL Red ZoneSports/Football  
140Fox Sports 2Sports  
142VH-1 SoulMusic  
143MTV Tr3sMusic/Spanish  
144CMT Pure CountryMusic  
145MTV JamsMusic  
146VH-1 Classic RockMusic  
147RFD TVHome & Living  
156Independent Film ChannelMovies/Independent  
158Hallmark Movie ChannelMovies  
184The BlazeNews/Weather  
185Fox Business ChannelFinancial  
187Bloomberg TelevisionFinancial  
188ABC News NowNews/Weather  
191DIYHome & Living  
192G4Variety/Video Games  
195BBC AmericaVariety  
197Investigation DiscoveryCrime  
198Nat Geo WildEducational  
199The Science ChannelEducational  
200Destination AmericaHome & Living  
201American Heroes ChannelEducational  
202The Cooking ChannelHome & Living  
203Wealth TVHome & Living  
204Lifetime Real WomenReality  
215BoomerangKids & Family  
216The HubKids & Family  
217Nick Jr.Kids & Family  
218Teen NickKids & Family  
219Nick TooKids & Family  
220SproutKids & Family  
221Disney XDKids & Family  

Premium Channels

321HBO LatinoMovies/Spanish  
322HBO FamilyMovies/Kids & Family  
323HBO EastMovies  
324HBO 2 EastMovies  
325HBO SignatureMovies  
326HBO ComedyMovies/Comedy  
327HBO ZoneMovies  
332Max LatinoMovies  
335Movie MaxMovies/Kids & Family  
341Showtime EastMovies  
342Showtime ExtremeMovies/Action  
343Showtime Too EastMovies  
344Showtime BeyondMovies  
345Showtime ShowcaseMovies  
346Showtime WomenMovies  
347Showtime NextMovies  
348Showtime FamilyMovies/Kids & Family  
351The Movie ChannelMovies  
352The Movie Channel ExtraMovies  
360Encore EastMovies  
361Encore Action EastMovies/Action  
362Encore Action WestMovies/Action  
363Encore Drama EastMovies/Drama  
364Encore Drama WestMovies/Drama  
365Encore Love EastMovies/Romance  
366Encore Love WestMovies/Romance  
367Encore Mystery EastMovies/Mystery  
368Encore Mystery WestMovies/Mystery  
369Encore Western EastMovies/Western  
370Encore Western WestMovies/Western  
371Encore WestMovies  
372Encore WAM EastMovies/Kids & Family  
373Starz EastMovies  
374Starz WestMovies  
375Starz Cinema EastMovies/Independent  
376Starz Cinema WestMovies/Independent  
377Starz Comedy EastMovies  
378Starz EdgeMovies  
379Starz in BlackMovies  
380Starz Kids & FamilyMovies/Kids & Family  

Pay-Per-View Channels

354iN DEMAND 1Events/Adult  
355iN DEMAND 2Events/Adult  
356iN DEMAND 3Events/Adult  
357iN DEMAND 4Movies  
358iN DEMAND 5Movies  
359iN DEMAND 6Movies  

Ethnic Pay TV Channels


Hispanic Tier Channels

854La FamiliaKids & Family/Spanish  
855TBN EnlaceReligious/Spanish  
856Cable NoticiasVariety/Spanish  
857Cine MexicoVariety/Spanish  
858Latele NovelaDrama/Spanish  
859Discovery EspanolEdcational/Spanish  
860EWTN EspanolReligious/Spanish  
861ESPN DeportesSports/Spanish  
862Fox News EspanolNews/Weather/Spanish  
865MTV Tr3sMusic/Spanish  
866Nat Geo MundoEducational/Spanish  
867UtilisimaHome & Living/Spanish  

Music Choice Channels

401Hit ListMusic  
402Pop RhythmicMusic  
405Hip-Hop and R&BMusic  
407Hip-Hop ClassicsMusic  
408Throwback JamzMusic  
409R&B ClassicsMusic  
410R&B SoulMusic  
416Adult AlternativeMusic  
417Rock HitsMusic  
418Classic RockMusic  
419Soft RockMusic  
420Love SongsMusic  
421Pop HitsMusic  
422Party FavoritesMusic  
423Teen MCMusic  
424Kidz Only!Music  
425Toddler TunesMusic  
430Solid Gold OldiesMusic  
431Pop CountryMusic  
432Today's CountryMusic  
433Country HitsMusic  
434Classic CountryMusic  
435Contemporary ChristianMusic  
436Pop LatinoMusic  
437Music UrbanaMusic  
441Sounds of the SeasonMusic  
442Stage and ScreenMusic  
444Smooth JazzMusic  
447Singers & SwingMusic  
448Easy ListeningMusic  
449Classical MasterpiecesMusic  
450Light ClassicalMusic  

Sports Package Channels

301NHL Center Ice & MLB Extra InningsSports  
302NHL Center Ice & MLB Extra InningsSports  
303NHL Center Ice & MLB Extra InningsSports  
304NHL Center Ice & MLB Extra InningsSports  
305NHL Center Ice & MLB Extra InningsSports  
306NHL Center Ice & MLB Extra InningsSports  
307NHL Center Ice & MLB Extra InningsSports  
308NHL Center Ice & MLB Extra InningsSports  
309NHL Center Ice & MLB Extra InningsSports  
310NHL Center Ice & MLB Extra InningsSports  
311NHL Center Ice & MLB Extra InningsSports  
312NHL Center Ice & MLB Extra InningsSports  
313NHL Center Ice & MLB Extra InningsSports  
314NHL Center Ice & MLB Extra InningsSports  

High Definition Channels

502TV2 HDLocal 
503Shop HQ HDShopping 
504WQMY My Network Wilkes Barre HDLocalBroadcast HD channel
505WOLF Fox Wilkes-Barre HDLocalBroadcast HD channel
506WNEP ABC Wilkes-Barre HDLocalBroadcast HD channel
507QVC HDShopping 
508WVIA PBS Wilkes-Barre HDLocalBroadcast HD channel
509WWOR-9 My9 New York HDLocalBroadcast HD channel
510HSN HDShopping 
511WSWB CW Wilkes-Barre HDLocalBroadcast HD channel
512WYOU CBS Wilkes-Barre HDLocalBroadcast HD channel
513WBRE NBC Wilkes-Barre HDLocalBroadcast HD channel
515The Golf Channel HDSports/GolfRequires Ultimate Digital
516PCN HDLocal 
517Destination America HDHome & LivingRequires Ultimate Digital
518MLB Network HDSports/Baseball 
519WQPX iNetwork Scranton HDVarietyBroadcast HD channel
520WPIX-11 CW New York HDLocalBroadcast HD channel
523CNN HDNews/Weather 
524Fox News HDNews/Weather 
526CNBC HDFinancial 
527Disney HDKids & Family 
528ESPNU HDSports/CollegeRequires Ultimate Digital
529Comcast SportsNet HDSports 
530ESPN HDSports 
531ESPNews HDSports 
532ESPN2 HDSports 
533Outdoor Channel HDHome & Living 
534Fox Sports 1 HDSports 
535NBC Sports HDSports 
536NFL Network HDSports/Football 
537Yankees Entertainment & Sports (YES) HDSports 
538The Big Ten Network HDMovies 
539MTV HDVariety/Music 
540Root Sports HDSports 
541CMT HDVariety/Music 
542Fuse HDMusicRequires Ultimate Digital
543VH-1 HDVariety/Music 
544Spike TV HDVariety 
545Lifetime Movie Network HDMovies 
546Hallmark Movie Channel HDMoviesRequires Ultimate Digital
547TBS HDComedy 
548USA HDVariety 
549SyFy HDFantasy 
550Bravo HDVariety 
551TNT HDVariety 
552Lifetime HDVariety/Women 
555The Travel Channel HDHome & Living 
556FX HDVariety 
557Comedy Central HDComedy 
558E! Entertainment HDVariety/Comedy 
559TV Food Network HDHome & Living 
560The History Channel HDEducational 
561Discovery HDEducational 
562The Learning Channel (TLC) HDEducational 
563Animal Planet HDEducational 
564HGTV HDHome & Living 
565The Weather Channel HDNews/Weather 
567A & E HDVariety 
568Starz HDMoviesRequires Premium
569National Geographic HDEducational 
570HBO HDMoviesRequires Premium
571Cinemax HDMoviesRequires Premium
572Showtime HDMoviesRequires Premium
573The Movie Channel HDMoviesRequires Premium
574ABC Family HDKids & Family 
575Nickelodeon HDKids & Family 
576Wealth TV HDHome & LivingRequires Ultimate Digital
578Hallmark Channel HDVariety 
579TV Land HDKids & Family 
580GSN HDVariety/Game Shows 
581AMC HDMovies 
582WE HDVariety 
583Cartoon Network HDKids & Family 
589CNN Headline News HDKids & Family 
593H2 HDEducationalRequires Ultimate Digital
596Biography HDEducationalRequires Ultimate Digital
599The Science Channel HDEducationalRequires Ultimate Digital
609The Comcast Network HDSports 
610NHL Network HDSports/HockeyRequires Ultimate Digital
620Sprout HDKids & FamilyRequires Ultimate Digital
624FXX HDVarietyRequires Ultimate Digital
627iN DEMAND HDEvents/AdultRequires Pay-Per-View
630NFL Red Zone HDSports/FootballRequires Ultimate Digital

HD Extra Channels

554HDNet MoviesMovies 
566NBC Universal HDVariety 
577Velocity HDVariety 
631MLB Strike ZoneSports/Baseball 


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