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Customer Corner
It is so nice to not have to press buttons when calling in.

  - James from Allentown

How does EBP (Electronic Bill Payment) differ from my current bill paying process?

    EBP means that your payment transactions are handled electronically. You view your bill using My Account and authorize how much, when and by what method you want to pay. A confirmation screen appears after you submit your payment.

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Why should I use EBP?

    With EBP you can view and pay your bill right over the Internet. Most consumers find EBP is easier, faster and more convenient than traditional bill payment methods. In addition, the ability to manage your account and payment information at your convenience means you can solve most problems without assistance from our Customer Service Department. We value our customers and are excited to provide you with an opportunity to save valuable time and money - no more waiting on hold and no more stamps!

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How do I sign up?

    Using EBP is easy, but first you must enroll in My Account. Simply click
here and complete a short enrollment form with your 10 digit Service Electric account number, username, password and email address. When you sign into My Account, click Make A Payment and follow the prompts to make a Credit, Debit or Bank Account Payment. (Please Note: Depending on your account status, some payment options are not available.)

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How much does it cost to pay bills with EBP?

    A $3.00 Convenience Fee will be charged if you pay via Credit Card or Debit Card. There is no fee to pay via Checking or Savings Accounts.

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How do I receive my bills with EBP?

    Each month we will automatically post your bill online so you can view it anytime. You can also opt to receive an email notification when your bill is available.

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What form of payment can I use to pay my bills?

    You can pay your bill either by checking or savings account, or by a credit or debit card. When you pay your bill each month you specify which form of payment you would like to use. Your information is stored securely in our database so you do not have to re-enter the information each month.

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If I pay by credit card, when is my credit card charged?

    Your card will be charged on the date you chose to have the transaction occur.

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How far in advance do I have to schedule my payment?

    You can pay your bill right up to, and including, the due date.

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What is the earliest date I can schedule my payment?

    You can pay your bill as soon as it is received. Using My Account's scheduled payments feature, you can schedule your payments to automatically occur on a specific date each month. You cannot schedule your payment more than a year in advance.

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How long will it take to process my payment?

    Credit cards are processed immediately. Bank account drafts will take a few business days to process. All payments are posted to your account within two business days.

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Do I have to pay the full amount of the bill?

    Yes, but you can break your payments up into smaller amounts throughout the month if you wish, as long as the full amount is paid by the due date.

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Will I receive confirmation of my payment?

    After you schedule a payment, a confirmation screen will appear. This confirmation will be sent to your email address as well. It is recommended that you print a copy of this confirmation screen for your records. My Account also provides a recent activity history so you can view previous transactions since your last statement. After your payment is processed, you will also receive another email to confirm this along with a transaction ID number.

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How secure is my account and payment information?

    Thanks to the many safeguards now available for online financial transactions, Internet transactions can be even more secure than putting a bill payment in the mailbox or paying with a credit card at a restaurant. My Account uses state of the art security, including secure socket layer (SSL) encryption and password protection to ensure the security of your transactions and personal information.

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Who has access to my financial information?

    Only you and Service Electric has access to your personal information. To ensure privacy, you create a unique username and password during the enrollment process. Your financial information is completely confidential and both your username and password are required to access your account.

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Why am I being forced to pay with a credit card?

    If your account is significantly past due, we can only accept credit card payments online. If you are unable to pay with a credit card, please contact us so we may help you make alternate payment arrangements.

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I received a message saying that I cannot pay online due to abuse. What does this mean?

    We may prevent credit card and/or bank account authorizations online when a payment has been returned by your financial institution repeatedly, by customer request due to identity theft or if a credit card or bank account number has been flagged as stolen by authorities.

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