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Customer Corner
I just want to thank you VERY much for all your help on Sunday afternoon in setting up my digital tuner over the phone, and also for enabling me to get everything to work just fine on Monday. Everything is now working well thanks to you!

  - Donna

Why should I use ABP?

    ABP means no more checks, no more stamps, and no more standing in line to pay your Service Electric bill. There are no sign-up fees or transaction charges. It saves you time and money.

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When does my bill get paid?

    Your bill is paid automatically from your checking account on the due date. Your Service Electric bill will clearly show the date when the automatic bill payment will occur. Also, your bank statement will include a record of the payment. With ABP, you will never have overdue bills and late payment charges.

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What about privacy?

    The payment goes to Service Electric electronically. Service Electric cannot get information about your bank account. You'll know you're enrolled when you see the words ''Auto Pay'' on your Service Electric bill.

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How do I sign up?

    Just print out the authorization form
here and return it along with your statement to Service Electric. There is no cost to sign up for the service, and you can go back to regular billing at any time by calling Service Electric at 1-800-232-9100.

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