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Find Me Follow Me ... $2.95 / mo 
  • Find me and follow me are two call forwarding services that are commonly used in conjunction with each other. Find me service allows the user to receive calls at any location; follow me service allows the user to be reached at any of several phone numbers. You must have Web Portal service to use Find Me Follow Me.

Call Forward Variable ... $3.00 / mo 
  • Allows you to forward all of your calls to a specific number, while still being able to make outgoing calls. You are able to change the phone number yourself without calling Customer Service

Distinctive Ringing ... $3.00 / mo (for each phone number) 
  • Two, three, or four different phone numbers can be assigned to your telephone line
  • Assign special ring patterns to each phone line
  • Know who the call is for - as soon as it rings

Service fees are due each month on the date shown on the bill. Service Electric has the right to suspend or disconnect service for non-payment of bills or for dishonored negotiable instruments e.g. returned checks. Unpaid balances and applicable recovery fees will apply in order for restoration of service.

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