Cable Modem Gateway Account ... $64.99 / mo 
  • This high speed access service is ideal for the small business or home business user. It is capable of supporting simultaneous multiple-users in a LAN or WAN environment with internet access of up to 35 Mbps downstream / 5 Mbps upstream through a standard cable modem.

T1 ... please call 610-625-8695 to discuss pricing
  • The T1 is a digital transmission link with a capacity of 1.544 Mbps (1,544,000 bits per second or 1,544 Kbps). T1s can be configured for either data transmission or PRI phone service (24 voice channels) through our local phone affiliate, Service Electric Telephone Company. Our T1s can be configured point-to-point or for internet access and are capable of supporting multiple LAN or WAN-based users.

10 Mbps Connection ... please call 610-625-8695 to discuss pricing
  • A further step up in data transmission speed and capacity, this level of service provides a considerable expansion of capacity for customers who have outgrown a T1 and are not quite ready to escalate into a DS3. This service is very competitively priced and is suprisingly affordable.

DS3 ... please call 610-625-8695 to discuss pricing
  • A digital service, Level 3 is equivalent to 28 T1s and operates at 44.736 Mbps. This service is also sometimes referred to as a T3. This level of service is ideal for the high-end user who finds a 10 Meg connection no longer adequate. It is also ideal for high-volume, high-speed data transmissions such as from corporate headquarters. While impressive in its capacity and speed, this service is even more impressive by its affordability.

Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps Connection) ... please call 610-625-8695 to discuss pricing
  • A further ratchet-up in speed and capacity in this heady 100 Megabit connection. Equal to more than 2 DS3s, this link is well suited for large, high-traffic WANs. With the high level of traffic in the Lehigh Valley, this is an increasingly sought-after service. The economy of this service is indirectly proportionate to its performance.