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3 Mbps

  • 3 Mbps down
  • 2 Mbps up
  • Perfect for email and casual web browsing
  • No bandwidth limit!


5 Mbps

  • 5 Mbps down
  • 2 Mbps up
  • Recommended for moderate use and frequent web browsing
  • No bandwidth limit!


7 Mbps

  • 7 Mbps down
  • 2 Mbps up
  • Perfect for families or multiple users
  • No bandwidth limit!


15 Mbps

  • 15 Mbps down
  • 2 Mbps up
  • Recommended for streaming video and frequent downloads
  • No bandwidth limit!


25 Mbps

  • 25 Mbps down
  • 2 Mbps up
  • Recommended for streaming HD video, large downloads and online gaming
  • No bandwidth limit!

All Internet Packages Include...
  • No bandwidth limit! Download and upload as much as you want!
  • 5 email addresses with 5GB storage each and 1 residential homepage with 1GB storage
  • Free spam blocking
  • Free access to Unleashed WIFI at any PenTeleData hot spot location
  • Free modem rental
  • Full technical support

  • Requirements and Special Notes:
  • Non-cable subscribers will be billed an additional $10.00 / mo
  • High-Speed Internet packages require a cable modem which Service Electric provides at no additional charge as well as one ethernet cable. Customer may use their own modem, however, SECTV is not responsible for repair or configuration of customer owned equipment. Actual Internet speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Rates are subject to change. Rates do not include franchise fees, FCC regulatory fees, or taxes. PA sales tax applicable to some rates and fees. Installation fees may apply.
  • IP traffic sent to customers on ports TCP 25, TCP 80, TCP 443, TCP 445, TCP 1080, TCP 6667-6669, TCP 1433-1434, TCP & UDP 135-139, TCP & UDP 67 are blocked for security and network management reasons to minimize customer's computers from being virus infected through well known vulnerabilities and/or to avoid infected or hostile computers from affecting other users computers.
  • Please read our High Speed Agreement for complete terms and conditions.

Bundle Your Services & Save!

Valu PIC

Cable & Internet

Cable & Phone

Phone & Internet

Service fees are due each month on the date shown on the bill. Service Electric has the right to suspend or disconnect service for non-payment of bills or for dishonored negotiable instruments e.g. returned checks. Unpaid balances and applicable recovery fees will apply in order for restoration of service.

All prices do not include installation charges, taxes and additional fees. Services, service features, channels, promotions and packages are not available in all areas. Service Electric reserves the right to change services, service features, channels, packages, promotions and prices at any time. You may be required to pre-pay one month of service pending a credit check. Commercial pricing may differ. All prices shown are for residential customers only unless specifically noted.


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