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Customer Corner
Just switched to Service Electric recently. I've got my Phillies, Iron Pigs, and local 2Sports.......I'm a happy guy.....that's all I need.

  - Matt from Bath

Broadcast High Definition ... FREE with any HDTV! No converter required!
  • 14 Broadcast HD channels such as Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS
  • Impress your friends and family on your big screen HDTV with amazing picture and sound quality unlike standard definition TV

  • Requirements and Special Notes:
  • Requires a subscription to Full Channel Lineup and an HD ready TV.

High Definition ... FREE with any HD Converter or CableCARD rental
  • Up to 111 High Definition channels (Including 14 Broadcast HD channels. Additional premium subscriptions may be required for certain HD channels.)
  • Impress your friends and family on your big screen HDTV with amazing picture and sound quality unlike standard definition TV
  • Access to Video OnDemand with tons of HD content and HD Pay-Per-View events!
  • Many more channels to come! With Service Electric you always get the MOST HD at the lowest price!

  • Upgrade:
  • Add our Ultimate Digital tier and receive 15 additional HD channels

  • Requirements and Special Notes:
  • Requires an HD Converter and a subscription to Full Channel Lineup
  • Requires an HD ready TV.

HD Extra ... $9.00 / mo 

    Why go HD? HDTV is the biggest breakthrough in broadcasting since color TV. It offers wider pictures with greater detail and the clarity of motion pictures. Compared to standard television (NTSC), the true HDTV image has twice the luminance - vertically and horizontally - and is twenty-five percent wider. Standard television aspect ratio is 4:3 (four units wide, three units high) - the HDTV aspect ratio is 16:9. The 16:9 ratio is is much closer to the average widescreen image shown in movie theaters. The biggest difference, and the greatest appeal of HDTV is its clarity. While it is possible to see the lines that make up standard television pictures, HDTV lines are not at all noticeable. The fine-grained HD picture contains five times more information than does the standard television picture and is accompanied by multi-channel, CD quality sound. The difference in video and sound quality is dramatic!
See the difference!

Service fees are due each month on the date shown on the bill. Service Electric has the right to suspend or disconnect service for non-payment of bills or for dishonored negotiable instruments e.g. returned checks. Unpaid balances and applicable recovery fees will apply in order for restoration of service.

All prices do not include installation charges, taxes and additional fees. Services, service features, channels, promotions and packages are not available in all areas. Service Electric reserves the right to change services, service features, channels, packages, promotions and prices at any time. You may be required to pre-pay one month of service pending a credit check. Commercial pricing may differ. All prices shown are for residential customers only unless specifically noted.


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